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  • Cutting the Supply
  • Law Enforcement
  • Empathetic Rehabilitation of drug addicts
  • Awareness Generation
  • New ideas from all stakeholders for New Sirsa

District Sirsa is situated at Western border of Haryana State and adjoining to the State Punjab and Rajasthan having 115 KM border with Rajasthan and 95 KM border with Punjab. State Rajasthan was legally producer and sale of Narcotic Substances since long and it is being consumed in State Punjab at large scale. Due to this situation, District Sirsa has become the leading port of Narcotic Substances for smuggling from Rajasthan to Punjab. Residents of Haryana near Punjab and Rajasthan border also involved in consuming these drugs. Now, the sale and production of Narcotic Substance in Rajasthan has been banned. As such supply of these substances has become impossible from Rajasthan side. Therefore, the addicted persons started using the medical drugs and the youths involved in use of "CHITTA" and refined Smack/Heroine type drugs as well as medical drugs as supplement of Narcotic Substance in the area of Punjab and border area of Haryana. District Sirsa is badly affected from drug abuse.